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Layers Pro unlocks functionality in the free Layers theme, giving you even more control over your site design.



Layers, the most user friendly site builder for WordPress was built with tight parameters designed to aid new users. Layers Pro unlocks that functionality, giving you even more control over your site design.

  • New customization controls
    Tweak header heights, logo sizes, button styling and your footer with new customization options.
  • New widgets
    Layers Pro comes with new widgets for better content structuring which can be added to any Layers page.
  • Background videos
    Give your pages life and motion with background video integration in the Layers Slider Widget.
  • More control over your blog
    Determine what you’d like to display on your blog list and blog post pages with new selectors unique to Layers Pro.

Introducing Background Videos

Give your pages life and motion with background video integration in the Layers Slider Widget, exclusive to Layers Pro!

  • Self hosted videos
    Upload your own creations into the slider background and Layers Pro will output them in the correct format for each browser type.
  • 3rd party videos
    If you don’t have your own videos then simply paste YouTube or Vimeo links and Layers Pro will automatically display the videos.
  • Mobile friendly
    Background videos in Layers Pro automatically swap to images when viewed on smaller screens in order to cut down on load times.

Style your Header just right

Along with logo resizing you can also adjust the height of your header and the spacing between menu links.

  • Make the logo BIGGER
    Scale your site logo perfectly with the new logo resize controller.
  • Adjust header height
    Give your site header more breathing room with new a height adjuster.
  • Control menu spacing
    Adjust the spacing between menu items to tweaked readability.

Gain more control over your Blog

Determine exactly what information you’d like to display in your sites blog without touching a single line of code.

  • Featured Image: Toggle on/off
  • Post Date: Toggle on/off
  • Post Categories: Toggle on/off
  • Post Tags: Toggle on/off
  • Post Author: Toggle on/off
  • Post Excerpt: Character count
  • Read More Button: Edit description

An explosion of Color

Layers Pro offers more detailed color options for buttons, menu items, widgets and more.

  • Text: You can now control text colors in buttons, menus and more.
  • Backgrounds: Full control over background colors of your header, footer and buttons.
  • Borders: Border color and thickness are now possible with Layers Pro!
  • Border Radius: Border radius of buttons and menus are now possible.

Four brand new widgets

Layers Pro comes packed with new widgets which perform dedicated tasks making it easier to create the theme or website you desire without any ‘work-arounds’.

  • Social Widget: List your social networks in an intuitive and customizable interface.
  • Post Carousel Widget: Set your post list to automatically slide, revealing new content to your site visitors.
  • Accordion Widget: Like the tab widget, you’re now able to compartmentalise content.
  • Tab Widget: Add content to tabs which are revealed only when a visitor clicks them.
  • Call to Action Widget: Add as many buttons as you like in the dedicated call to action widget.

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